Track & Field

2023 Schedule- Track & Field Rules (2019)

In order to participate in athletics, students must have their
2022-2023 Sports Participation Forms turned in to the office.
A separate Consent for C3Logix Concussion Baseline Testing form may be downloaded HERE

All athletes attending track practices should have
weather-appropriate clothing and their own water bottle!

For questions, please contact Coach Emily Webb(head coach/throwing)

2023 Coaching Staff
Emily Webb-Head Coach/Throwing
Jamie Lafollette- Distance 
Ryant Tripeaux - Sprints
Shay Schuessler - Jumps 
Jack Morrison - Multi

Girls Roster

Boys Roster

Carly King

Loxley Sheldon

Anthony Larson

Landon Condit

Stella Shuck

Addi Ballew

Nathan Campbell

Vailen Scholz

Zoey Mays

Emma Konradt

Kane Colbert

Gilberto Figueroa

Lauren Osborne

Jordyn Fowler

CJ Hughes

Nicholas Campbell

Miller Avery

Lila Marion

Sebastian Riemer

Dylan Walpole

Reese Putman

Halle Bruse

Aidan Foster

Charlie Perkins

Emerson Ealy

Delany Diehl

Datch Gunter

Andy Bocchino

Brooke Alsleban

Daniela Puri

Grayson Schroeder

Jonathan Ellinger

Harmony Holland

Layla Laramire

Simon Smith

Evan Navarre

Anna McMahon

Mia Cate Marchand

Matt Campbell

Brody Mathis

Jaylah Smith

Gisella Lastrom

Bryant Olson

Ben Carr

Katelyn LaGrosse

Audrey McElvaine

Logan Rusmisel

Joshua Docchio

Marielle Aziz

Riley Marise

Reid Sadowski

Rafe Ellis

Maddie Dwyer

Lily Disch

Parker Gregory

Andrew Meyer

Lily Dennison

Emalynn Kloess

Josiah Holland

Brayden Riemer

Ali Culbertson

Courtny Gehringer

Kobe Colbert

Luke Stevens

Ashlyn Vores

Kate Messiner

Keaton Rocha

Cooper Morrison

RaMyan Tripeaux

Lawren Isbell

Adri Robinson


Olivia Norton

Gavin Fiegel

Helpful Tips

Get good running shoes and wear them just for running! A local store with great information for sizing and foot evaluation, is Run With It in Ft. Walton Beach

Note: Once Track Season begins, it is daily. Friday is not an assumed "day off."

The weekly workouts are important for optimal performance during meets.

Other activities and travel sports should come second.