Car Rider Ramp Policy

In an effort to increase student safety and to work within state requirements for educational facilities, please follow the following car rider ramp policies!

When dropping off students in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon, parents must follow the directions of the staff members assisting in the car rider ramp.

Please pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD before stopping
. When cars do not pull all the way up then it creates a delay for those behind them and causes an unsafe backup of cars on Partin Drive.

The two areas are the car rider line by Front Office and the Back Parking Lot across from the post office.

When dropping off students, please turn to the right as you enter the parking lot and join the drop-off line. Parking in the parking spots to drop off your student and/or driving through the parking lot lanes instead of the car line causes safety concerns and significantly slows the intake process. As we work to maintain a safe and efficient process aligned to state requirements, we do not allow for drop off to occur in the parking lot.

Do NOT use the parking lot at St. Jude's Episcopal Church for pick up or drop off.

Please help us keep our students safe and expedite traffic flow in the car rider ramp.

Additional Student Drop-off Reminders:
Parents, please remember students should not be reporting to school prior to 7:00 am as teachers are not on duty. If your student arrives between 7:00 and 7:20 am, they are to report to the Cafeteria where a faculty member will be present. This is for the safety of your student.

Back gate only: gate is shut and locked at 7:40 after this time all students should report through the front office.

Campus drop off map