In order to participate in any athletic team, students must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average
and their Sports Participation Forms on file in the Front Office.

Questions about Physicals or where to obtain them consult the 2023 Physicals Resource Guide

Due to the assumption of risk associated with the Covid-19 virus, there has been an addition to our district's student Athletic Eligibility Packet. All student athletes must have this updated packet signed, dated and returned before being able to participate in athletics programs at your school.
The page below is in addition to our previous Sports Participation Forms.

Assumption of the Risk and Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19 Form

A separate 2023 Consent for C3Logix Concussion Baseline Testing form may be downloaded HERE.
See Baseline Concussion Testing information below.

Any student interested in trying out for a sport needs to have all their paper work turned in to the office before they may participate in practices or tryouts.

Please keep a copy of the forms for yourself, as well.

Ruckel Athletic Director: Ron Reece

Ruckel Athletes Concussion Baseline Testing

Okaloosa County School District strongly recommends a valid and complete neurocognitive baseline test be established for each high school and middle school student-athlete prior to "in-season" sport participation. However student-athletes are required to have a valid baseline test on file or an official form on file declining testing.

A C3Logix baseline test is considered valid for two years. Student-athletes who have never been tested, as well as those last tested prior to June 2021, need to be tested this year. Baseline tests are recommended for all sports' student-athletes (including golf, cross country, swimming, cheerleading, etc.). Student-athletes who were tested last year do NOT need to retest this year.

Full 2023 Summer Schedule for baseline testing

Ruckel Baseline Testing will be held June 13 @ 1pm In the 600 Building of Niceville High School. Be sure to have your parental consent (link below) completed prior to arrival.

Note: All student-athletes must have a SIGNED consent form to participate in concussion baseline testing --Download the 2023 BASELINE TESTING CONSENT FORM HERE

Call athletic trainer Kelsey Reich at 484-706-0533 if you have any questions.

Athletic Tryouts are closed to parents, guardians, visitors, and other spectators. Only students participating in tryouts will allowed on field or in the seating area. Thank you for following the guidelines.

A reminder to 6th grade parents that your child will need a Hepatitis B vaccine, a Tdap vaccine and their second MMR vaccine before he or she begins 7th grade. These can be obtained privately or at the Okaloosa County Health Department at no charge. Please bring proof of this immunization to the school so
it may be entered in the system before their 7th grade school year. You may wish to do this at the same time as your annual sports physical. See the Ruckel
School Nurse Page for details.


Rams GoFan New Ticket Policy: Card and Mobile Payment Only with GoFan

New this year, Ruckel Middle School is pleased to announce that we will be using GoFan for mobile ticketing for athletic events. Fans can purchase tickets online through the Ruckel Middle School GoFan page or by presenting a card or mobile payment option at the ticket gate. All major credit cards are accepted, along with Apple Pay.

The new ticketing policy allows Ruckel Middle School to operate a more efficient and professional ticket gate while creating a safer and enhanced fan experience.

Buying tickets online allows fans to access and share tickets easily by email or text without standing in line. Digital ticketing will also help promote social distancing while limiting person-to-person contact and the physical exchange of cash.

Fans are encouraged to buy tickets online prior to reaching the facility. For your convenience, signage will be set up at the venue to help fans navigate an online purchase quickly and easily.

To purchase event tickets, please visit