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September's Health Focus

National Health Observance

National Childhood Obesity Awareness and National Cholesterol Education Awareness Month

September’s Health Observance is National Childhood Obesity Awareness and National Cholesterol Education Awareness Month. Looking for educational information related to this topic? If so, check out the following UnitedHealthcare educational resources: 

Fitness & Nutrition


UnitedHealthCare’s Simply Engaged wellness program offers employees covered through the Okaloosa County School District an incentive based program with up to $200 in gift card rewards for employees and spouses covered on family plans (up to $400) through Rally.  Click on the Rally box below for more information on ways to redeem your rewards.

Real Appeal is the new weight loss program offered through UnitedHealthcare for covered employees as well as spouses and adult dependents over 18 on family plans.  Hundreds of OCSD employees have already signed up and received their weight loss kits. 

Weight Watchers is offering educator discounts to groups of at least eight people.  More information on Real Appeal and Weight Watchers is below in the Weight Loss Programs Box.

Better Back Health

Looking for educational information related to this topic? If so, check out the following UnitedHealthcare educational resources:

Content and Articles

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Mental Health

Trying to balance work demands and responsibilities at home can leave you feeling pressured from all sides.  The links below offer information that can help.

The Okaloosa School District's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers access to four counseling sessions annually at no charge through its association with Pattison Professional Counseling and Mediation Centers.  More information can be found in the Employee Assistance Program box below.

UnitedHealthcare offers a 24 hour phone line (Care 24) with valuable information about finding a doctor in your area that will work with your to help you get the right care; health coaching from registered nurses who are here to help you improve your health and save money; emotional support is available from master's-level counselors when you need help dealing with life's challenges; and a Health Information Library consisting of more than 1,100 messages to provide you with useful health and wellness information. More information can be found in the Care 24 box below.

UnitedHealthcare also provides additional Mental Health and Substance Abuse services online at www.myuhc.com.

Health Resources

Health Resources

Below are some excellent Health Resources to explore. 

  • The American Cancer Society site has the latest facts and links to areas of support for those first diagnosed as well as preventative and screening information. 

  • Diabetes is one of today’s fastest growing diseases.  See the box below for just a few items of interest from UnitedHealthcare.

  • Check out Heart.org and learn how to build a healthier life, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

  • For financial planning for retirement and other goals, TSA Consulting Group is the place to get started.

  • UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits gives you online access to a healthcare professional anytime.  Virtual Visits!

  • Check out these short videos on health topics from United Healthcare.

Healthy Schools

CSH Poster

The Florida Department of Agriculture in compliance with the federal Childhood Obesity Act mandated the formation of Healthy School Teams at each school by June 2015.

Healthy Schools - Resources

Florida Action for Healthy Kids offers Webinars on topics like how to pump up P.E. and healthy alternatives to party and school celebration snacks.

If your school is looking for a healthier alternative to snack machines, Robert Morgan at Simple Health Vending can help.  His machines have low-sodium and low sugar selections. Contact him at Robert@SimpleHealthVending.com and phone contact is (850) 710-0243.


Healthy Schools - FL Health Department

The Florida Department of Health can help you with reporting requirements and support with your Healthy School Team.  If a school signs up for the Healthy Okaloosa Schools (HOS) Program, health department contacts will complete the Healthy School Team Monitoring Tool.  Schools can call (850) 833-9240, extension 2244 or e-mail Okaloosa-SchoolHealth@flhealth.gov