The Okaloosa County School Board is excited to modernize our Student, Finance, and Human Resources data infrastructure. This migration will take critical student learning information and put it in the hands of our teachers and administrators literally at their fingertips. The upgraded systems will streamline our education services while at the same time putting more information in the hands of parents than ever before. Schools will notice the changes beginning in the spring and different parts of the FOCUS system will come online periodically until the completed system is fully operational in October 2022.

OCSD’s upgrade to FOCUS will impact every single employee, some very little and some a little more. For district staff that uses the AS400 every day, it is a significant change. This site is for OCSD employees to have a chance to preview the program, ask questions, and get updates on the process. We may not all enjoy the journey to get there, but once we arrive, everyone will be better for it.

Project Purpose

The district has recognized the importance and need for change in order to keep up with evolving technology and has decided to transition to the Focus SIS for a positive change. In addition to staying up to date with technology, the new SIS will benefit the district in many ways including:

  • A more precise workload for district users

  • Effective training

  • Minimized need for additional third-party systems

  • Online registration

  • Digital course requests

  • Convenient ways to communicate to parents and students

  • More access to tracking student progress

FOCUS Rollout Timeline

FOCUS Rollout Timeline

Ten Reasons You'll Love FOCUS Over AS400/PAWS

Ten Reasons You'll Love FOCUS Over AS400/PAWS

10.  FOCUS is available 24-7 from any device with an internet connection.
9.    Powerful, yet easy to use.
8.    Provides an engaging platform to digitally connect students, parents, and teachers through FOCUS portals.
7.    Parent and Student portals are separate.
6.    One of the most popular Gradebook systems in the State of Florida.
5.    Simplified workflow – Data where you need it to be
4.    Bi-Directional Data sharing with PEER, Canvas, Google Classroom, and more.
3.    Online Employee Portal 
2.    Online Registration
1.    More access to tracking student progress for Parents, Teachers, and Administration.

Sneak Peek

Focus is a massively encompassing program that impacts all Employees/Students/Parents. Want a sneak peek? Use the link above to check out some of the features. New feature previews are added to this page often.