Educational Support Employees

Educational Support Professional of the Year

Pictured above right to left: School Board Member, Dr. Diane Kelley, Educational Support Professional of the Year, Maria Gamboa, and Superintendent Marcus Chambers.

You drive our children to school, prepare and serve them meals, keep the accounts and pay the bills, work with teachers in the classroom, fix things, keep our schools clean, recommend books and resources, keep records, and guide our children to the right classes… and we thank you for all you do. Use the gray tabs on the left to navigate through the numerous resources for Educational Support Employees.

Educational Support Professionals of the Year:

  • 2023 - Shawna Crist, Plew Elementary School

  • 2022 - Martha Swords, Southside Primary School

  • 2021 - Jody Neely, Meigs Middle School

  • 2020 - Tonya Evanchyk, Elliott Point Elementary School

  • 2019 - Tom Ballard, Mary Esther Elementary School

  • 2018 - Karen Carroll, Bay Area Office

  • 2017 - Carter Gray, Transportation South

  • 2016 - Juanita Payne-Galbreath, Crestview High School

  • 2015 - Patrick Strong, Shalimar Elementary School

  • 2014 - Lorin Lewis – Pryor Middle School

  • 2013 - Maria Foote, Destin Elementary School