Wooden blocks spelling out "Give"

The Okaloosa County School District receives a great deal of support from businesses and families throughout the year. These donations allow Okaloosa Schools to offer more and better programs - they pay for sports equipment, stadium and field improvement, playground equipment, field trips, laboratory supplies, and much, much more.

If you are interested in helping a school through a direct donation, please contact your school's principal directly. Donations over $500 are approved by the School Board at regular meetings.

The schools are also grateful to receive books for their libraries, art supplies, science lab equipment, and educational toys, such as Legos and Kleenex.

Many local businesses participate in "Adopt-a-Classroom" programs, where the businesses help provide supplies to a specific classroom. For more information, contact the principal of the school where you'd like to help.

Make a donation to the Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation.

Thank you for your interest in helping make our district the number one district in the State of Florida!

Questions and Concerns

Community Affairs Office
(850) 833-5856

Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation Office
(850) 833-9999