Gifted Education Programs

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The Okaloosa County School District offers a Gifted Education Program for all eligible students, Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Students are found eligible for the Gifted Education Program by meeting the criteria set forth by the Florida Department of Education, which consists of a test of intellectual ability and a checklist of behavioral characteristics. 

Each elementary school designs its own Gifted Education Program to meet the needs of the students.  Each middle and high school offers a variety of Gifted Education courses including Gifted Studies.

In high school, Gifted Externships are another possibility for those in the program.  Gifted Externships provide opportunities for field experience and research with a community professional which enhances personal growth and provides awareness of career options. 

Each school’s Gifted Education Program has been designed around the standards set forth by the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC).  If you feel your child may be eligible to receive Gifted Services, please contact his or her school for more information.  



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