Focus Parent Portal provides parents and guardians access to their child’s Attendance, Grades, and direct communication between teachers, school, and families. We invite and encourage parents to register for a Focus Parent Portal account.

Sign up for a FOCUS Parent Portal Account

Focus Parent Portal

To complete the online portion of the registration process, please click the Focus Parent Portal Icon above. You will need to use your child’s legal name and have a valid address. Parents can also use the registration kiosk in the front office of the enrolling school to complete this step of the process. For an overview of the Parent Portal registration process, watch the video below.

Video: How to Create a Parent Portal Account in FOCUS

With the FOCUS Parent Portal, parents can

  • Connect students to your account using a two-factor verification system

  • View your student’s class schedule and grades

  • Communicate with your student’s teachers

FOCUS Registration Resources

If you have any questions during or about the registration process, please visit our website which includes a Q&A forum. You can also email or call the enrolling school with your questions. School contact numbers can be found at in the Schools link.