S2S Ambassadors

Our Student 2 Student (S2S) Ambassadors program is a student-led program with the mission to take care of new students. The S2S Ambassadors welcome our incoming students, show them their new campus, and introduce them to their new community. S2S Ambassadors provide fun ways for new students to get to know other students and to build new peer groups. The S2S is a student program that brings military and civilian students together to create a positive environment, support academic excellence, and ease transitions. The S2S Ambassadors provide a welcoming face to ease the stress of joining a new community. They can answer questions about extracurricular activities, clubs, coursework. 

S2S Ambassadors

Sponsors: Ms. Connelly

Wednesdays during lunch periods

Student 2 Student Ambassadors logo

Student 2 Student Ambassadors