Activities and Tutoring

From extracurricular teams to academic teams to tutoring, there's a lot going on at STEMM after school. Participating in clubs and activities helps students become a part of the STEMM Academy either as a member of a club, committee, dramatic production, or interest group. Collaboration with peers builds school spirit, friendships, personal achievement, and a feeling of belonging. The STEMM Academy has a place for everyone by offering a wide range of activities and clubs. Dues of $20.00 are required to participate in each club or team. Dues are used to offset the costs of materials, registration, travel, celebrations, and more.  Additional fundraising opportunities may occur to support the needs of various teams/clubs.

If you would like to join one of after-school activities, please fill out this application and return it to Mrs. Russ.

If your child is staying after school for a club, team, or tutoring, they must have a written transportation note on file with the office. All transportation notes must be turned in before 11:00. You can send one note to cover all club and team meetings for the school year. A blanket form is available on the STEMM website, or you can write your own.

Please be courteous of the teachers', sponsors', and coaches' time by picking up your child on time. Repeated late pick-ups will result in dismissal from the activity.

Eligibility Rules

At the Okaloosa STEMM Academy, academics and graduation are the top priority. While we believe that extra-curricular activities are important in a student’s life and their development, they do not supersede the importance of academics. Therefore, eligibility rules have been established to provide a guideline to support students and focus on improving their academic standing. 

  1. The STEMM Academy has a NO PASS/NO PLAY policy. Students in activities must pass all credit hours of work each week to be eligible to participate in that week’s activities. 

  2. Any student who has two or more Ds/Fs during the weekly eligibility reporting period will be ruled ineligible for participation in clubs and activities. 

  3. Any student who has two or more Ds/Fs on their previous semester grades will be ruled ineligible for participation in clubs and activities for the first three weeks of the new semester. 

  4. Any student who is absent from school will not be allowed to attend or participate in any school activity held either after school or in the evening on the day which the absence occurred. A student must be in attendance by 11:00 and attend the remainder of the school day in order to participate in an extracurricular activity that day. 

  5. Students involved in extracurricular programs that represent the STEMM Academy are expected to comply with the behavioral expectation applicable to all OCSD students.  Disciplinary infractions may cause a student to be ruled ineligible for participation in clubs and activities. 

Activity Schedule




Academic Team

every Wednesday

Mr. Flynn

Anime Club

3rd Wednesday

Mrs. Son

Art Club

2nd and 4th Thursday

Mrs. Imboden

D & D Club

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Friday

Mr. Pink

Disc Golf Club

2nd & 4th Wed

Mr. Mortensen

Drone Team

every Tuesday

Mr. Pink

Environmental Club,

3rd Wednesday

Dr. Langshaw

**FIRST Lego League

every Friday

Mr. Pink

**Philosophy Club

every Wednesday

Mr. Cheon

Photography & Videography Club

3rd Thursday

Dr. N. Morris

Soccer Club

1st & 3rd Thursday

Mr. Mortensen

Social Club

1st and 3rd Friday 2:00-4:00

Mr. Adams

**must make arrangements for supervision from 2:00 until meeting time

Math Tutoring



2:00-2:30 Imboden & N Morris

2:00-3:00 Geometry testing only

2:00-2:30 Brown

Students are welcome to attend any or all tutoring sessions with any teacher. Students should come with specific questions. Geometry retakes are only on Thursdays with Ms. Imboden. Along with your transportation note, please email the teacher to let them know you are coming: