Supply List

Supply List

All students are required to have an OCSD approved padded laptop bag. Laptops must be carried in the laptop bag. The laptop bag must be brought to school before students can be issued a laptop. Laptop bags can be any color and should fit a 13-13.5 inch laptop. An approved laptop bag can be found on Amazon here or here

There will be no lockers this year. Students may bring one small backpack or drawstring bag to class each day. Some students prefer to have a dedicated bag for each block day--an A day bag and a B day bag--to help with organization. Backpacks must be no larger than 17" tall x 13" wide x 6" deep. Backpacks must meet the size requirements, but can be any color. Students are not permitted to place laptops in backpacks. Examples of acceptable backpacks can be found here and here. Examples of drawstring bags are here and here

In addition to the laptop bag and backpack, all middle school students will need:

  • TI-30Xa calculator

  • earbuds or headphones

  • two 1.5" binders

  • two sets of 5-tab dividers for notebooks

  • notebook paper

  • #2 pencils

  • colored pencils

  • red ink pens

  • highlighters in several colors

Optional donations for advisory teachers:

  • dry erase markers

  • tissues

  • paper towels

  • pencils

  • notebook paper