Social Studies Department

In social studies courses, students engage in learning high level content and skills as required by the State of Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Social Studies.  Students learn concepts and content in the areas of American History, World History, Geography, Economics, Financial Literacy, Civics and Government.

Social Studies Department

Social Studies Course Descriptions

2109020 M/J Adv World History

Grade 6

The primary content for this course pertains to the world's earliest civilizations to the ancient and classical civilizations of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Mesoamerica. Students will be exposed to the multiple dynamics of world history including economics, geography, politics, and religion/philosophy. Students will study methods of historical inquiry through the study of primary and secondary historical documents. The advanced course offers scaffolded learning opportunities for students to develop the critical skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in a more rigorous and reflective academic setting.

2106020 Civics Advanced

Grade 7

State EOC Required

The primary content for the course pertains to principles, functions, and organization of government; the origins of the American political system; the roles, rights, responsibilities of United States citizens; & methods of active participation in our political system. The course is embedded with strong geographic & economic components to support civics education.

2100020 U. S. History Advanced

Grade 8

Primary content emphasis for this course pertains to the study of American history from the Exploration and Colonization period to the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War. Students will be exposed to the historical, geographic, political, economic, and sociological events which influenced the development of the United States and impact on world history. Students will understand the cause and effect in historical events, students should have the opportunity to explore those fundamental ideas and events which occurred after Reconstruction.