Grades and Report Cards


At the Okaloosa STEMM Academy, grades are earned through the effort and ability of the student. The administration and teachers have high expectations for student achievement. Accordingly, we encourage students to work to their full academic potential, and we urge parents to place a high priority on the academic well-being of their child.

Grades can be viewed online through the Parent Portal. Did you know that you can view grades for every assignment in each course? When you log in to Parent Portal, you see the current average grade in each quarter for each course. But, if you click on one of the course grades, it will take you to a view of every assignments for your child in that class arranged by grading category.

The Parent Portal may be accessed through Classlink or the school’s website. The “Student ID” number is the username and the “PIN” code is the last four digits. Parents may find the student ID number on a schedule, report card, or progress report. Any parent needing assistance may contact the guidance office.

Teachers use GRADES software to calculate averages, post assignments, and record attendance. The website can be accessed through the Parent Portal. Symbols used with the GRADES software are:

Z = no assignment was submitted by the student. Teachers will use this symbol to remind students an assignment is owed.

0 = an assignment was submitted and earned this numerical grade.

X = the student does not have to do this assignment; excused.

Blank = used to indicate an assignment will result in a grade at a future date.

If you see “Yes” in the Note column, the teacher has left you a note about the assignment. Click on “Yes” to view the note.

All nine-weeks’ grades will be determined by the following grading system:


Numerical Grade

Grade Point














59 and below





Semester grades will be completed using the same numerical system as above.  The semester grades will be the average of the preceding two nine-week’s numerical grades. Semester exams are mandatory for all High School credit classes.

Yearly grades will be computed by averaging the two semester numerical grades.

OCSD Parent Portal Instructions

You can see your student's grades online with the Parent Portal

  1. Log in with your student's identification number, which can be found on their schedule and begins with 46. The last four digits of this number is their password.

  2. When the "report card" view comes on the screen, scroll over to the grade from the class that you would like to check. This is a hyperlink that will take you to a view of the assignments for your child in that class.

  3. To see the class work, homework, and test scores that comprise each grade (the class report page), put the cursor on grade and left click.

Report Cards and Progress Reports

All report cards and mid-quarter progress reports are now being made available electronically. You may view your student's current report card on Parent Portal. The link to the report card will be under Options on the left side of the page.

If you want to receive e-mail notification regarding your student’s progress:

  1. Log into the Parent Portal. 

  2. Sign up for the report(s) you would like to receive, and provide your email information.

  3. After receiving a verification email, grade notification emails should begin.

High School Credit

Currently, OSA students take Earth/Space Science Honors (6th grade), Algebra I Honors (7th grade), Physical Science Honors (8th grade) and Geometry Honors (8th grade) for high school credit.  Students will be held to all of the high school course requirements to receive high school credit.  One high school credit is defined in statute as a minimum of 135 hours of bona fide instruction in a designated course of study, which contains student performance standards.

In awarding credit for high school graduation, the district maintains a one-half (1/2) credit earned system which shall include courses provided on a full-year basis. A student will earn one-half credit for each semester of the course he/she successfully completes. The two semester grades will not be averaged for a full year grade. In year-long courses assessed by a statewide, standardized EOC, credit will be awarded at the end of a full-year after taking into account statutory requirements of the EOC assessment. If a student withdraws at the end of the semester, they will be awarded .5 credit and the EOC is 30% of the whole year.

Students taking Algebra I Honors must take and pass the State EOC to earn high school credit in the course.  The assessment constitutes 30% of the student’s final grade.

All high school courses taken in middle school will count toward graduation and honor graduate designation.

Grade Forgiveness of High School Credit by Middle School Students

High school level courses taken below grade 9 may be used to satisfy high school graduation requirements and Bright Futures award requirements. Middle school students who have taken high school courses may receive grade forgiveness if they have earned a grade of C, D or F or the numerical equivalent of C, D or F. In such case, the district forgiveness policy must allow the replacement of the grade with a grade of C or higher, or the numerical equivalent of a grade of C or higher, earned subsequently in the same or comparable course. For a grade of A or B in the course, the grade cannot be forgiven and will appear on the student’s high school transcript and will be used in the calculation of high school grade point average and for Bright Futures.

End of Course (EOC) Exams

Students enrolled in Algebra I Honors and Geometry Honors must take the State EOC.  The assessment constitutes 30% of the student’s final grade. 

All seventh-grade students must take the State Civics EOC, which constitutes 30% of the student’s final course grade. 

For additional information on Semester Exams and End of Course Exams, please review the OCSD Pupil Progression Plan on the District website.