Meigs Middle School Club Day

Meigs Middle School has Club Day on the last Friday of each month. The intent behind Club Day is for students and teachers to learn more about a subject which they love. On this day of enrichment, we follow the Activity Schedule and for the last hour of the day, students meet in their clubs with their club sponsor.


Club Sponsor

Art Club

Stephanie Brayshaw

Lindsey Harrell

Glenda Salter

Backyard Games Club

Drue Deckert

Cadey Moody

Backyard Chicken Club

Tim Ashley

Basketball Club

Clay Hancock

Michael Momany

Tashita Bowles

Board Game Club

Christy Little

Kimberlyn Porter

BYOBook Club

Chelsey Wingate

Dude Perfect Club

Johnathan Tatom

Josh Riggins


Wade Jackson

Harry Potter Club

Erika Hill

Hope Squad

Amber Tomlinson

Tanya Cash

Nathan Yoder

Instrument Practice Club

Daniel Cooke

Jewelry Making Club

Lisa Singleton

Junior Excel Club

Justin Reid

Kahoot Club

Kathy Moore

Karaoke Club

Shay Murphy

Kim Tincher

Music Appreciation

Toby Ratcliffe

Origami Club

Freddie Doyle

Pickleball Club

Andrea Henderson

Pokemon Club

Jared Hill

Race Car Club

Dylan Thetford

Sewing Club

Codi Bailey

Speech and Debate Club

Ashley Harrell

Travel Club

Kierstin Cresse