Career & Technical Education

The CTE (Career & Technical Education) program in Okaloosa County is a set of Career & Technical Education classes that teach students career and technical skills and provide them with the opportunity to earn nationally recognized industry certifications that prove their credibility in their chosen field.

Meigs Middle School offers a variety of CTE program courses:

  • Intro to Technology

  • Exploring Technology

  • Coding Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of Web and Software Development

  • Foundations of Web Design (High School Credit)

  • Advanced Technology (Artificial Intelligence Program)

  • Carpentry & Construction

For more information about the Meigs Middle School CTE program contact the Guidance Office. 

For more information about the Okaloosa County CTE program, click here.

The Florida Statutes (Section 1002.20(24)) requires that each middle school and high school student or the student's parent be provided a two-page summary of the Dept of Economic Opportunity's economic security report of employment and earning outcomes. Please take the time to peruse this article about Florida's job market and opportunities. Measuring the Economic Success of Florida's Graduates.

Notice of Nondiscrimination