Teacher and students

Speech is the way we use sounds to talk.  Language is how we understand and use words and sentences. Some children have difficulty with both speech and language.  Speech-language pathologists, or SLPs can help. 

Speech has three parts; articulation, fluency, and voice.  Articulation is how speech sounds are made.  Your tongue, lips, teeth, and oral muscles move together to make sounds.  Fluency occurs when your child repeats parts of words multiple times, prolongs sounds over several seconds, or blocks on words. Voice problems happen when your child’s voice doesn’t sound right for his age, or gender.  This is based on a medical diagnosis.

Language includes listening, talking, reading, and writing. Your child uses language to

  • Understand what is said, and follow directions

  • Use words in the correct order to say what he/she thinks, feels, wants, and needs.

  • Write down their thoughts and ideas

  • Understand what he/she reads

  • Show that he/she knows what words mean and how to use them.

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