Gifted Program

Gifted Program

Plew's gifted program is designed to meet the unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of gifted and talented students. The program provides students with challenging learning opportunities. Learning activities are interdisciplinary, extending across many core subject areas.

Gifted classrooms are formed in a variety of ways:  cluster grouped in heterogeneous classes or split grade-level classes of students.  Students are taught by gifted endorsed teachers and core content is differentiated to meet their needs.


The vision of Plew's gifted program is to encourage, challenge, and nurture gifted students to realize and enhance their gifts, confidence, and potential.


Based on the theory of multiple intelligences, the mission of Plew's gifted program is to provide instruction that is differentiated allowing for both independent and cooperative learning activities to foster the unique social, emotional, academic, and creative dimensions of the gifted student.


We believe: 

  • Gifted students need opportunities to interact with their intellectual peers.

  • Gifted students need a safe, emotionally nurturing environment that encourages creative and flexible thinking and risk-taking. 

  • Gifted students need opportunities to develop higher order thinking skills, challenging activities, and authentic learning experiences as components of their curriculum. 

  • Gifted students need support and guidance to recognize, accept, enhance, and apply their gifts and talents. 

  • A strong partnership between home, school, and community is vital.


Plew's gifted program will:

  • develop and expand students’ leadership and social skills to become community-minded citizens and leaders.

  • provide opportunities for students to become thinkers and problem-solvers with real world experiences while fostering their curiosity.

  • provide opportunities for students to pursue individual interests and develop talents.

  • provide for cognitive and academic development through rigorous learning experiences.

  • provide support for the social and emotional needs of gifted students.