Physical Education

Be Healthy. Be Active. Be Happy.

Plew employs one full-time certified physical education teacher, Coach Bristol, and two PE assistants, Coach Maldonado and Coach Brown. Students come to P.E. at least 3 times a week for 50 minutes. 

Our physical education program focuses on motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed to live a physically active lifestyle. Some of the activities your student(s) will learn in P.E. are: Locomotor Movements, Health Components, Throwing and Catching, Target Games, Racket and Stick Skills, Dribbling Skills, Small Sided Game Offense/Defense Skills.

 We are blessed with a paved track at Plew and students use it daily to walk or jog laps. Throughout the year students participate in Mile Club, during their PE class. Five laps equal 1 mile on our track and students receive incentives for every 5 miles tracked (25 Laps).

Participation is a huge part of PE class. Students are expected to participate in daily activities and wearing the proper footwear is important. Shoes that fit snuggly on the foot, have a rubber sole, and cover all areas of the foot are strongly recommended. Hydration is also important during P.E. class. Students are encouraged to bring a personal water bottle labeled with first and last name. Only water is allowed at P.E. No sugary beverages, soda, or milk are permitted.