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Outside new building

Awning Footer

AC and lighting

Wall and doors

March 2023 - Walls up and painted, doors and windows installed, lighting and AC hooked up!

The three doors shown inside the classroom will be a bathroom (left), adjoining office (center), and cam down/sensory room (right). Each classroom will have the same features. One classroom will also have a kitchenette for teaching cooking and life-skills.

January 2023 - There is a roof and walls! Bricks are being laid on the outside, walls are framed, and the teal roof installed. Soon the outside will be complete and then the inside work will continue.

New slab poured

Slab poured in October 2022! Walls are also starting to go up.

Poured footers

Newly poured footers as of September 2022

Portables removed in August 2022