FWBHS Media Center

Media Specialist
April Pelfrey  850.833.3300  

Media Center Policies

HOURS: 6:45 a.m. until 2:15 p.m. Students requiring additional time in the Media Center for class assignments should make arrangements with a Media Specialist.

ACCESS: A pass is not needed before and after school or during lunch. During class time, student must have a signed pass.

LUNCH ACCESS: Students should enter and exit the Media Center through the main doors during lunch. Once students enter the Media Center during lunch, they must stay the entire lunch period. Quiet, courteous conduct, and respect for materials and equipment is expected of all students while in the Media Center. Food or drink is not allowed.


1. For entire classes - Teachers should sign up in advance to bring his/her class to the media center. The Media Center can accommodate two (2) classes each period. Students should be escorted to the media center in an orderly manner and ensure that all students make it to the media center.

2. For individual students - The teacher will fill out a pass. Do not send students to the media center without a specific purpose.

3. Number of Students on a Pass from one class - The teacher my send up to five (5) students with a pass at one time, per period.

4. Substitute Teacher Policy - Substitute Teachers may come to the Media Center only if the regular teacher has made arrangements in advance.

5. When students arrive in the Media Center - Students should be instructed by the teacher to give their pass to a member of the Media Center staff upon their arrival to the media center. Passes will be returned to the student when they leave to return to class.

6. Sign-In Sheet - All students should sign-in at the sign-in desk.

7. How long students can stay - All students will remain in the media center for the duration of the period, unless the teacher provides a return time.

8. Media Center Staff - Staff members will circulate throughout the media center to assist students and monitor exits.

9. Our Goal - It is the goal of our media center staff is to insure students and teacher have a positive and meaningful learning experience in the media center. Please do not hesitate to request our assistance if you need help locating books, periodicals or videos or if you need help with computers or software.

CIRCULATION: Books may be checked out for two (2) weeks and renewed for an additional two (2) weeks. Reference and reserve books may be checked out after school and are due before first period the next school day.

MEDIA CARDS: All students are issued a free media card when they first arrive at FWBHS. These cards are necessary to check out materials. Replacement cards cost $2.00. Students are responsible for all materials checked out with their card.

COPIERS AND SCHOOL STORE: Computer printout copies are 10 cents per page. Students will pay for each copy that prints, regardless of the number of copies they intended to print. School supplies  are sold in the Media Center throughout the day.

LOST BOOKS: Replacement cost is charged for all lost Media Center books, along with a $5.00 processing fee.

DAMAGED BOOKS: Students will be held responsible for the care of any Media Center material checked out in their name. Students will pay for damaged materials. Cost will be determined according to the condition in which the material is returned, based on its age and pre-existing condition. 

Media Center Information

Destiny Media Catalog 
Destiny Media Catalog permits students to check on books found in our collection or at other schools in the district.

Library Access Consent

BrainPOP includes online tutorial programs with content area specific, short, animated videos, accompanied by ten question interactive quizzes, experiments, comic strips, timelines and printable activity pages. The content areas covered are science, social studies, English, math, arts and music, health, and engineering and technology.Note: For access please see the Media Specialist or a teacher for user name and password. 

Gale Cengage
Gale Cengage provides online access to newspapers, magazines, books, maps, audio/video, pictures, and radio and television transcripts.

Note: For access please see the Media Specialist or your teacher for user name and password.

The Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative
The Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative website provides an extensive list of services, including eBooks, Help Now (online tutoring, writing lab, test prep, learning resources), Job Now, Rocket Languages, Basic ESL, and free permit practice tests. 

The Florida Electronic Library
The Florida Electronic Library is a gateway to select Internet resources. Use this site for current events, business, health issues, homework help, finding full-text articles, and Florida history & info. 

Florida DMV Permt Practice Tests