Clinic/School Nurse

Requirements for School Entry

  • Florida physical

  • Current immunization record

Parents/Guardians have 30 days after enrollment to get these to the School Nurse or the child will not be allowed to come back to school.

Medication Policy
ALL medications must be brought to school by a parent or guardian. This includes ALL over-the-counter medication (Tylenol, Benadryl, Ibuprofen, cough drops, etc.) and all prescription medications.

Prescription medication MUST have the student's name, current prescription information (medication name, dose, and directions.), and current date.

Medication that is not brought to school by an adult will be taken away from students and held in the clinic for an adult to pick up. They WILL NOT be given back to students. All medication must be picked up by the last day of school or it will be discarded.

Head Lice
If we find head lice on your child, he/she will need to go home. You will need to treat your child with a head lice shampoo and remove the nits. Your child will be allowed to return to school after he/she has been treated, but you will need to bring the empty bottle and sales receipt for the shampoo.

You need to check your child daily after the treatment and re-treat following the shampoo instructions. We will recheck your child 2 weeks later.

Remind your child not to share jackets, hats, hair brushes, combs, or hair accessories. Ponytails or a light application of hair spray can help deter lice. Remember: lice are not a sign of poor hygiene or poor living conditions, lice actually prefer healthy, clean hair.

Illness Prevention
Please help prevent spreading illness in school. If your child is sick or has a fever- please don’t send them to school.

You will be notified immediately if your child becomes ill or injured at school.  It is important that a current phone number be made available to school personnel at all times.  When notified, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to come to the school immediately and pick up the sick child.  First aid will be administered by school personnel for serious injury or illness.

State law requires that any child absent with any communicable disease must have a doctor’s certificate before returning to school.  You may contact the school for a list of communicable diseases.

Medication Prescribed by a Physician

Medication prescribed by a physician is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Okaloosa County School District personnel shall be authorized to assist students in the administration of oral prescription medication or over-the-counter medication only when the following conditions are met:

  1. MIS FORM 5183, Administration of Medication in the School Permission Form, must be completed for each medication and filed in the office with the health assistant.

  2. Prescribed medication must be received and stored in its original container with proper labeling.

  3. Over-the-counter medication also requires completion of MIS Form 5183 and medication must be in its original container.

  4. All medications must be delivered to and from school by a parent or guardian.  Students should never have medication in their possession.

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