Child Care Program

Coordinator: Kattie Clinton
Child Care Assistant: Anglea Cook 

(850) 689-7280

A Before and After School Child Care Program is provided for Bob Sikes Elementary students each school day and during the summer.

Hours of Operation


6:00 - 7:15 am


2:00 - 6:00 pm


6:00 am - 6:00 pm (sack lunches)



Bob Sikes Child Care Before and After School Program

Registration Fee


Weekly Attendance- Before & After School


Weekly Attendance Before School Only


Before school drop-ins


Weekly Attendance After School Only 


After school  Drop-In Rate 


Before/After Drop-Ins 


Teacher Work Days




Holiday Drop-in Non Field trip days


Holiday Drop-in Field Trip Days


Late Pick-up per each 5 min. past 6pm


Late Payments

$10.00 A DAY

Child Care Holidays

(850) 689-7280


To sign your child(ren) up please stop by the childcare building between 3-5 pm Monday-Friday starting Monday, January 24th and ending Friday, March 11th.

Registration fees are $40 per child and childcare fees are $20 a day per child. Fees need to be paid in advance.

The registration fee is due at time of sign-up.

If you are already attending childcare at Bob Sikes you do not have to pay another registration fee. 

To pick up a child you must have your ID and have pick-up rights until childcare workers are accustomed to regular pick-up persons. This policy will remain throughout the school year. Childcare fees are to be paid on Monday for the following week.  A late fee of $10.00 a day will be added on if not paid on time..  If you are two weeks behind on childcare your child will not be able to attend until the balance is paid in full.  A $10.00 late fee will be charged every five minutes after 6 PM and must be paid at the time of pick-up.  The same code of conduct that is expected during school hours will be expected in childcare. The childcare coordinator has the right to suspend a child at any time without notice.  Drop-ins must pay at the time of pick-up. A five-day consecutive vacation/illness week will be given to full-time enrollments only.  Starts over every school year.  If your child is sent home from school or childcare they have to be symptom-free with no medication for three days before returning to childcare or school.  If your child comes before care please walk your child all the way into the classroom to insure there is an adult to watch them.   

For more information and to enroll, please review the
BSE Childcare Enrollment And Medication Form.