School Advisory Council (SAC)

2022 SAC Meetings Schedule

Bluewater Elementary
7:30 AM- Media Center or can participate by Zoom

SAC Meetings:

Please let Mrs. Klugh know if you plan to attend so that we may send you the Zoom code, if needed.

If a meeting is changed or cancelled, we will advertise accordingly.

2021-22 SAC Members

Faculty Representatives:

  • Amy Klugh, Principal

  • Todd Folks, Support Employee Representative

  • Anthony Wallace, Teacher

  • Lauren Brown & Pat Licursi - Non-Voting Alternates

Other School Personnel:

  • Amy Miles

  • Mary Morken

Community Members: 

  • Dave Swanick (Co-Chair)

  • Gary Turner (Chair)

  • Richard Johnson

  • Elaine LaJeunnesse 

Parent Representatives:

  • Catherine Card

  • Katherine Stephens 

Get Involved

If you would like to be considered for membership or for any questions - Please email Mrs. Klugh at