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Student Health and Emergency Contacts

It is imperative that parents fill out an Emergency Contact Card at the beginning of each school year. One is sent home with every student at the beginning of the school year. This provides our school officials with valuable information regarding a student’s physical and academic special needs, as well as information regarding who to contact in an emergency situation. Contact Cards are provided in the Nurse Clinic and should be turned in as soon as possible to ensure the safety of all the students.

Medication Administration

All medication including insulin pens, inhalers, cough drops, over the counters, etc. must be brought to the clinic by a parent or legal guardian.

All medications must be brought in the original container (prescription medications must have a current pharmacy label) and parents must fill out a medication form provided in the clinic. MIS 5138

*Under NO circumstances are students to transport medication to and from school. *

General Illness Guidelines

Please follow these general guidelines when considering your child’s attendance at school:

  • Pinkeye / eye infections with discharge: may return when eyes are clear or have been treated with antibiotics for 24 hours.

  • Vomiting/Diarrhea: may return 24 hours after symptoms are gone.

  • Strep Throat/Scarlet Fever: may return 24 hours after start of antibiotics AND no fever.

  • Impetigo/Ringworm: may return when skin is clear, or child has been under treatment for 24 hours.

  • Fever or Undiagnosed Rash: may return when symptoms are gone for 24 hours or note from physician permitting attendance at school.

  • Chicken Pox: may return when old blisters have formed scabs and there are no one new ones.

  • Head Lice: may return after hair has been treated and all live lice removed. If your child has been sent home by the school, you will need to provide the empty bottle of treatment as well as a dated sales receipt to the nurse as proof of treatment. 

Please refer to the OCSD Parent Page under Health Resources for more information.

Keeping Kids Healthy,

Nurse Mary.