Media Center

Librarian: Kim Gomez

Media Center Information

Book Circulation: The Media Center uses the Destiny Library Management program to catalog all of its materials. Students and teachers can access the program online to search for materials by title, subject or keyword. Students can also enter the Destiny Quest part of the program to create an account and submit book reviews and receive book recommendations. Students are responsible for any items they submit on Destiny Quest and are urged to write and revise their book reviews before publishing.

School-Based Media Center Collections

Checkout: Students may checkout two books and one magazine at a time. Circulation is for two weeks. Items may be renewed as needed, unless there is a request for that item by another patron. If a patron has an overdue item, he may not check out any additional materials until the overdue item is returned.

Library Access Consent

Access: Students must have a pass to come to the media center during class time. The media center is open before and after school.

Computer use: Computers are for school use only. You may check your grades, look up books and write reviews on Destiny Quest or complete schoolwork. You may not play games or send email from the media center computers.

Lost/damaged books: Students are responsible for materials they check out. If a student loses or damages a book or magazine, he must pay for it. Lost books should be reported as soon as possible to Mrs. Gomez.