Media Center

Book Checkout Procedures/Information

Kindergarten students will be encouraged to check out 1 book each time they visit the media center.

1st -5th Grade students are encouraged to check out 2 books each time they visit the media center.

Teachers have established media center times; however, students are permitted to visit the media center at any time.  Media center hours are 8:40-3:30.  Please encourage your children to read each night!

Reading flyer

Media Specialist Ms. Bobbie Scott
Phone 850-833-4381 ext 511

Accelerated Reader (AR)

AR is a nightly reading program.  Students set AR goals with their teacher based on 20 minutes of nightly reading at home.  Nightly reading is essential for student progress.  Encourage your child to read to you each night.  The AR book they bring home will be a book that is “just right” for them.  Your child should be able to read the book with little assistance.  We host AR parties for all students that reach their AR goals.  AR goals are reached when the student takes a number of quizzes and performs with 70% or higher average score over a nine week period.  AR goals are set with the teacher each nine week period.

Come check out these awesome books at your Florosa Media Center:

Follett Destiny

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