My role as Guidance Counselor at Florosa Elementary is to help any student in need of academic, social, and emotional assistance. Students may be referred to the Guidance Committee by teachers, parents, other staff members, and outside agencies. As Guidance Counselor, I am involved in activities and services that will enhance the quality of our student's school experience. If you need to see me, come check in at the front office or leave a message with office personnel. You are welcome to call me at (850) 833-4381 ext. 39510 to schedule an appointment.

The following is a list of my responsibilities:

  • Provide services to students as needed through individual counseling, such as loss and grief, anger management, anxiety reduction, etc.

  • Serve as a resource for school personnel and coordinator of the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) and standardized evaluation assessments.

  • 504 Coordinator

  • Chair the guidance committee (referrals, assessments, interventions, placement)

  • Provide parents with information about community resources and referral agencies

  • School Assessment Coordinator

  • Train volunteers and schedule mentors to work with individual students

  • Coordinate with SRO on the school bullying program

  • Consult and collaborate with students, school staff, and outside personnel regarding educational, behavioral, and emotional concerns

  • Review records of new students and provide teachers with pertinent information

  • Be a student advocate

 Sherri Chavez, M. Ed.
(850) 833-4381 ext. 39510