Online Courses

All students are required to complete an online course prior to graduation. Online courses can be completed in class at CHS through an eligible course (see the Curriculum Guide) or online.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Okaloosa Schools page

  2. Select Schools > School Directory > Okaloosa Online.

  3. Click on Register Here!

  4. Create a New Account if new to online or log in with your existing User Name and Password.

  5. Search for the course/subject and then select it to register. If the course is two semesters, only register for one semester at a time.

Your counselor will receive an email to approve the course(s). For faster service during the summer, please email Mrs. Sanders to let her know you need a course approved. She is the only counselor working during June and July.

Once approved, you may begin working on the Edgenuity Platform.  This site is different from the site you accessed to register. Your counselor will contact you if there is a problem with the course(s) you registered for.

You will need to make sure you remain “on pace” with your course or you risk being dropped. It is your responsibility to communicate with the instructor if you are having any difficulties. If the problem is technical with the program, you will need to contact Edgenuity Customer Support.

Keep in mind that Edgenuity is available during summer for credit recovery only. You cannot take original credit over the summer.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on > High School > Choose your option FLVS Flex Enroll in 6-12.

  3. Follow the steps outlined there.

  4. When the option appears to “Choose the virtual school you would like to take,” be sure to select FLVS Franchise @ PAEC.

Please note that your guidance counselor will need to provide approval once signed up for your course. During the summer, email Mrs. Sanders for assistance. She is the only counselor working during June and July.

FLVS courses may require some phone contacts with the instructor. For instance, your instructor is required to conduct a Welcome Call with you and your parent. Your course will not be activated until the phone call takes place. This may impact your pacing while completing the course if you and the instructor do not make contact in a timely manner. Maintain good communication with the instructor to ensure a positive outcome.