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The health technician is located in the office.  Students being sent home due to illness must come to the nurse first.  The nurse will make phone calls to parents if the student should be sent home.  Students sent home for a fever or vomiting must stay home 24 hours before returning to school.


  • Any student taking medication at school, prescription or over-the-counter (including cough drops) must have a medical authorization form filled out and signed by the parent. 

  • All medication must be delivered to the school office and taken back home by the parent.

  • Students will not be allowed to bring in medication nor take it back home. 

  • The medication must be in the current prescription bottle and labeled with the following information:

    • Name of Student

    • Name of Medication

    • Directions concerning dosage and storage

    • Time of day medication is to be administered.

    • Physician's name and date of prescription. 

Parent phone calls WILL NOT be accepted to change the dosage or time of administering medication.  Changes in the dosage or times medication is administered require a physician's written permission. 

  • Each administration will be recorded on the individual medication administration log in the clinic.

  • Due to the possibility of allergic reaction, the first dosage of any new medication shall not be administered during school hours by school personnel. 

  • Students who become ill during school hours will report to the school clinic.  If necessary, the student's family will be notified to pick their child up as soon as possible. 

  • If your child has a severe cold, flu, stomach disorder, or an above normal temperature, please do not send him/her to school. 

  • Parents MUST bring in a dated sales receipt for a head lice product and the empty bottle as proof of treatment.  Presentation of such proof is sufficient to reenter school.

Okaloosa County School Health Procedure for Assessment and Treatment of Lice/Nits

Procedure: School Board Policy 4-42: (A) 

Students in Okaloosa County School District schools may be checked for head lice by the school clinic staff. School officials will take the following steps when a student is identified with head lice:

  1. Parents or Guardians will be called to transport the student home. Students are not permitted to ride the bus when head lice are identified.

  2. School clinic staff will give parents written procedures on the treatment of head lice.

  3. After treatment and upon return to school, parents will bring the student back to the clinic with documentation that the head lice were treated and the clinic staff will check that the student is free of lice and/or live nits. i) Live nits are defined by the Centers for Disease Control as nits that are located no more than ¼ in. from the base of the hair shaft and/or scalp.

  4. Students will be allowed to return to class once he/she is checked by clinic staff and found to free of lice and live nits.

  5. The school principal or his/her designee shall be notified upon the third incident of lice or live nits in a single semester.

Statutory Authority: Section 1001.41; Florida Statutes Laws Implemented: Section 1001.42(8), Florida Statutes Adopted: August 13, 2007, Revised: March 28, 2011; September 28, 2015, August 2018