About Us

Dr. Nathaniel Chatman, Principal

Ms. Vaneesa Harrington, Assistant Principal

Richbourg School is a center school for students from kindergarten through age 22 with highly complex academic and behavioral/emotional needs. All students at Richbourg School learn academic skills as well as skills that will give them the opportunity to transition from school students to members and influencers of the community they occupy when they leave school.


"We teach. We learn."

At Richbourg School, we strive to be learning communities. Our school educators, parent educators, students, and communities teach and learn from each other.


Lance C. Richbourg faculty and staff, in cooperation with families and the community, will ensure that each student will have the opportunity to reach his or her best personal potential in life.


By providing a caring, student-centered environment, Lance C. Richbourg School will offer educational programs that will enable all students to learn, participate, and maintain life skills that are appropriate to their individuality and uniqueness in their natural environment.

School Colors: Royal Blue & Gold
School Mascot: Lion     

Address: 500 Alabama Street, Crestview, FL 32536
Phone Number: (850) 689-5089
Fax Number: (850) 689-7817