License to Learn

License to Learn

You can help our community's kids find their day in the sun!

Florida’s newly designed Support Education specialty license plate has undergone an over haul for the first time in 25years, with a fresh look that promotes the importance of education in the Sunshine State. While the look has changed, one thing remains the same –your contributions through the purchase of a Support Education specialty license plate directly supports education initiatives right here in Okaloosa County as all funds raised through tag sales directly benefit public education where the tag was purchased.

$20 from every Support Education specialty plate goes directly to the schools in Okaloosa County and will support:

  • Classroom innovation

  • School supplies

  • Education enrichment programs

  • Student scholarships

  • Supporting and recognizing teachers

  • Extra help and mentoring for at-risk students

You can drive learning coast to coast by investing in your local schools today. Learn how supporting education can be a breeze with the purchase of the specialty tag at