In order to enroll in an Okaloosa County school, you will need to go directly to the school that is zoned for your address (use the School Site Locator), bringing proof of your child's age (birth certificate), a medical examination (physical), Florida Immunization form, and proof of residency. 

For New Students

Homeowner Renter Acknowledgement This form is only needed if the enrolling parent and student are residing in a home that is not theirs. The homeowner will need to bring in the current mortgage or lease and the water or power bill and have this form notarized at the school during the registration process. 

Other Forms

Transportation Change Form

Updated 2/28/2023:

In keeping with school district policy, changes to a student's regular transportation plan must be submitted in writing. The note must be signed by a parent and include the date, child's name, address and a phone number of the destination. Edge requires changes to be submitted PRIOR to 2:00 PM and changes CANNOT be made over the phone, emailed, or via private message between parent and teacher (Examples: ClassDojo/Remind/etc.). This is a safety issue we take very seriously and we appreciate your cooperation.

Parents/Guardians may use this Transportation Change Form and send with your child to school or you may come in and complete in person at the front office.

Absence Notes

Parents/Guardians may use the Absence Form or submit a handwritten note to excuse student's absences if they are submitted in writing within 5 days of the absence. Doctor's excuse notes may be uploaded in the Parent Focus Account.

Absence notes must contain:

  • Student's name

  • Parent name

  • Parent signature

  • Date(s) of absence

  • Reason for absence

*Per District Policy: A student has 5 school days, including the day they return, to bring in written verification for an excused absence. The absence will be considered unexcused if the school does not receive written verification for the excused absence within that timeframe.

Parents can request make-up work through the teacher.