School Meals

The Okaloosa County School District will be returning to a paid meal service for Breakfast and Lunch for the 2022-2023 school year. It is extremely important that all families apply (or reapply) for free or reduced meal service even if you do not think you would qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Beginning August 1st, the online application ( to apply for Free or Reduced Meal Services should be available. Paper applications should also be available from your child’s school around the same time.

Any family that applied last year (2021-2022) and was approved for Free or Reduced Meal Services will have a 30-day carryover at the beginning of this school year.

If approved, your child will receive nutritious meals including breakfast and lunch for free or at a reduced price. This designation will also make your child eligible for discounted college applications and college entrance exam fees. For the district, it determines school funding discounts on internet and technology and gives schools access to certain grants. all of which will impact your child's education. Only one application is needed per household, and it needs to be completed annually.

Learn more about the Free or Reduced Lunch Program in the videos below: