About Us




Vision, Mission, and Core Values

  • Vision: We inspire a lifelong passion for learning.

  • Mission:  We prepare all students to achieve excellence by providing the highest quality education while empowering each individual to positively impact their families, communities, and the world.

  • Core Values:  Accountability: We, working in conjunction with students’ families, accept responsibility to ensure student learning, to pursue excellence, and to hold high standards for all. Citizenship: We prepare all students to exercise the duties, rights, and privileges of being a citizen in a local community and global society. Excellence: We pursue the highest academic, extracurricular, and personal/professional standards through continuous reflection and improvement.  Integrity: We embrace a culture in which individuals adhere to exemplary standards and act honorably.  Personal Growth: We promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and experience to develop individuals with the aspiration, perseverance, and resilience to be lifelong learners.  Respect: We show regard and consideration for all through a culture of dignity, diversity, and empathy.  Leadership: We provide guidance and direction to accomplish tasks while being a moral compass to others.